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dogs-CC0 PublicDomain-PixabayIt is always great to see well-behaved pets out in public, and it is equally nice to have a pet in your home that displays good manners.  Training helps to teach your dog about how to fit well into our human lives and also enables us to learn about their needs.  

Training should be fun for both owner and pet and should be humane, gentle, kind and effective.  By rewarding good behavior and preventing bad behavior, a pet owner can lay the foundation for years of positive experiences with their dog.  

It is recommended to start by doing some reading on dog-friendly training and methodologies to become familiar with some of the principles of training, and then follow up with a course with a good instructor so that you can ask questions and receive additional guidance.  If you can, try to get into a group training class as well.  Training with a group helps to work on socialization skills with both other dogs and humans.  It is also a great arena to share your challenges and your successes with others and to learn from other dog owners about things they have found that work for them.  

Typically, training begins for puppies at 9-16 weeks of age and includes a good deal of the basics which include how to pay attention, sitting, lying down, taking and leaving items, heeling nicely on a leash, and coming when called.  Older dogs can be trained, but sometimes with more difficulty as they will have to unlearn bad habits.  Beginner training can also give the owner ways to address other undesired behaviors like jumping up on people or chewing items that aren’t chew toys.  

Overall, the training experience should be one that actively engages your pet in the process and should be fun for both the pet and the owner.  The experience strengthens the bond between the two and is helpful for preventing accidents as well as creating a positive home environment that will assure a good lasting relationship.

For Dog Training in our area, contact:

Pam Orms, Pam’s Dog Grooming and Obedience School, 2508 Hendricks St, Gladewater, Texas 75647,(903) 845-4890;


Jenny Lavender, People Training for Pets, 315 Meadowlark Lane, Longview, Texas 75603; (903) 702-9877;
For additional questions about pet care, please feel free to contact our team at Longview Animal Hospital at (903) 758-2082 or stop by our offices, located just south of LeTourneau University at 2500 Estes Parkway, Longview, Texas 75602 (approximately 1 mile north of Interstate 20).