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July 4th Celebrations can be Scary for Pets

sparklers-923029_640Everyone loves a good Independence Day party complete with cookouts and guests and a night full of fireworks.  The 4th of July is our annual kickoff for the summer season – long days, warm nights and lots to do.  As much as we love to celebrate July 4th, our Independence Day celebrations can often be scary for our pets.  According to the Humane Society, animal shelters throughout the US report a dramatic increase in the number of lost pets during the 4th of July weekend.

Help to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during the weekend by following these simple tips for safety:

•  Whatever your plans, keep your pets indoors and make sure you leash your pet when going for walks throughout the weekend.  Find a quiet, comfortable room for your pet to stay in throughout the festivities and provide water throughout the day.  If you are hosting your own party, this will prevent your pets from becoming anxious or overexcited from having a lot of people around.  It also assures that they can’t get into human food that might accidentally get dropped on the ground.  If you are attending a barbecue somewhere else, keeping your pets contained indoors will prevent them from roaming to a neighbor’s celebration where the good smells of grilling foods can lure them away from home.

•  Excessive heat can also be a cause for concern for pet’s on the 4th of July.  Be aware of the temperature and watch your pet for signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.  More information about heat and your pets can be found here.

•  Keeping your pet safely away from fireworks is necessary to prevent accidental burns or ingestion, but also helps to prevent them from running off due to the loud noises, bright flashes and strong smells of explosives.  Turning on a TV or a radio in the room with your pet can help keep them distracted from the jarring noises of nearby fireworks.  If you are traveling to watch a community fireworks display, leave your pet safely at home.

•  If your pet is severely impacted by the noise, we can help you find a medication that can be used to help reduce your pet’s anxiety (never provide over the counter medication without guidance from your vet).   If you are with your pet during these times of fear, resist the urge to comfort or distract your pet with food or treats as this can be interpreted as a reward for their nervous behavior.

•  As a general safeguard, make sure that your pets  are wearing collars and that they have appropriate identification tags so if that should they run off, they can be easily identified and returned to you. If you are considering using a microchip for your pet, please let us know – we can help you with up-to-date information and procedures.

Our team at Longview Animal Hospital wishes you and your families a Happy and Safe 4th of July!  


For more summer safety tips, click the poster image below from Petfinder!