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“Staff was amazing, they explained everything to me and walked me through having a new puppy and told me what all to expect. I would highly recommend to anyone with animals. Thank y’all for making my first experience a great one. Paige & Willow”
– Page Pena
01/26/2018 17:31:43

“Great service, Dr. Foye is great ., Great staff… I’ve never been treated better . They treat you like family and you feel like family. These folks actually care about you and your pet babies. ”
– Robin Redding
01/20/2018 12:33:50

“Everyone was very sweet and super professional. Both me an my cat felt very welcome an treated with the out most respect. Anything I had questions about were answered fully. Absolutely glad I chose here then anywhere else to bring my cat. ”
– Abigail Irwin
01/14/2018 01:13:28

“The first thing that made me smile was (when I called to make the appointment) was the receptionist’s enthusiasm. I told her we got a new puppy, and she explained, “Congratulations!” The doctor and nurses were knowledgeable, and they patiently listened to our many questions and responded thoughtfully.”
– Kim Bulgrien
01/10/2018 14:44:34

“I was very scared and worried about Ellie, but thanks to all the friendly staff my fear was put to ease. I felt Ellie was given the best quality and loving care possible. Many thanks to you all, and Ellie will continue to be part of the Longview Animal Hospital family.”
– Veta Brooks
01/05/2018 18:29:34

“You guys are awesome! I have all the confidence in the world in y’all. From the beginning to the end of our visit, y’all are amazing. I felt like family. Thanks so much for all you do. Don’t change a thing!!”
– Kandi Grissom
01/03/2018 21:27:26

“The care, attention and love given to both of my dogs was fantastic! Great staff!!”
– Clark Wilson
12/07/2017 18:40:48

“I always enjoy bringing my pets to see Dr. Foye and his wonderful staff. They always make me feel that the care of pets are important to them. Dr. Foye is the best vet I have ever had for my dogs and cat. Thank you so much for all that you do for me and my fur babies.”
– Faye Scott
12/07/2017 16:08:03

“I was so pleased with everything about my first time visit!! A few things that stuck out to me where the ladies answering the phone and scheduling my appointment were extremely happy and kind and seemed very interested in meeting our new pet. Also, I was able to ask as many questions as possible with Dr. Foye and he was happy to answer them. He wasn’t rushed or just “moving onto the next pet”. I was very very pleased with my visit and am looking forward to many more with the great team at Longview Animal Hospital. ”
– Tandra Warnock
11/30/2017 04:20:28

“Our dog has a very, very difficult time visiting the vet, but the staff and veterinarian here are absolutely terrific. The veterinarian is very knowledgeable about dog behaviors, very kind and understanding. Our dog does well and is able to relax (somewhat) and that is very good compared to times past when we have visited other animal hospitals. We really appreciate the way the veterinarian talks with us about our dog, and we feel cared for and our dog loved well by the staff. ”
11/16/2017 19:18:12

“Great experience and friendly staff. I appreciated the thoroughness with Dr and staff with explaining information to me and not making me feel like they were rushed for the next patient. ”
– Lauren Bridges
11/10/2017 17:48:25

“Very good experience for our first visit. The Dr. and the staff were very helpful and friendly. They made us feel that we were important to them. ”
– Mary Davis
11/04/2017 03:01:04

“I have never had a better vet. I loved my vet in Louisiana and was saddened to leave him but had to move. When I met Dr Foye he was so much like him in his looks even and We began to build a relationship with him and the staff. I am totally amazed at how well us and our pets are treated every time we go. Dr Foye has pulled up a chair after he was done examining and sat down and talked to Sheba our GermanShepherd Dog until she was so comfortable she fell asleep. He never makes us filled rushed and no matter how many questions I have he answers them in a way until I’m satisfied. In my opinion there is no other animal hospital in Texas! Great staff always offering to hold my pets until I pay or even help me to my vehicle. They call and check on our babies. To sum it up they are amazing!!!”
– Johnny Carr
10/31/2017 13:29:21

“Absolutely the Best!!! ”
– Raffiell Dominguez
10/30/2017 20:26:03

“I couldn’t ask for a better clinic to take care of Max. ”
– David Vaughn
10/22/2017 04:08:57

“I’m totally satisfied with the care Heidi received each time I have been to the hospital. Everyone has explained what care Heidi was given.”
– John Reynolds
10/04/2017 16:18:07

“Being a pet owner for the first all my fears were put to easy with the enrolling process. And the first visit was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! So Please keep up the Good Job!!!!!!!! ”
– TuVarra Lampkin
10/03/2017 22:56:47

“the staff is GREAT… Dr. Foye is my BOY seriously we feel like our puppies are being treated like family…with love affection and real concern. its gives me a sense of peace and calm to give the care of our puppies to Dr. Foye and one the BEST group of people around. ”
– Rod Bullard
10/02/2017 16:34:41

“Love Dr. Foye, his wife and all the girls there. Darla is my heart and I couldnt do without her and I can’t stand for her to be in pain. I feel like the minute I walk in there, we feel the warmth and love and I know she will be taken care of. Best place I’ve ever be to.”
– Annie Bauer
10/01/2017 00:57:55

“I always have great experiences with you guys. ”
– Lana Willhoit
09/24/2017 00:28:51

“You guys are all great. I have great confidence in the care Buddy received from you guys. The Foys are a great team, and looks like they have assembled a great staff. Thank you.”
– Debbie Redwine
09/09/2017 00:14:16

“Ya’ll are doing a wonderful job! I can’t say enough good things about you!!! Friendly and helpful team! Keep on doing what you’re doing! Dr Foye is by far our favorite Vet! And Jill and the whole team are awesome as well!!!”
– Paul & Nita Bryan
08/25/2017 17:56:34

“You all always treat me and my fur babies with exceptional care.”
– Lisa Whitaker
08/22/2017 18:15:04

“I have always had exceptional care at Longview Animal Hospital, Dr. Foye is extremely kind and caring as well as his staff, if I have ever had to wait it was due to an animal emergency, I would expect the same consideration if it were my own pet emergency. ”
– Maryann Corson
08/19/2017 17:21:52

“Doing great. Very pleased with services”
– Myrna Prekker
08/15/2017 19:52:18

“The Best Vet Shop EVER !!”
– Elise Frigon
08/15/2017 18:53:14

“The staff is great and friendly. The truly care about the clients and their animals. ”
– Sarah Sears
08/15/2017 18:29:47

“First time to visit and was very impressed. The staff were excellent in satisfying the customers. This will be our new vet home and will also recommend Longview Animal Hospital to all others. ”
– Don & Debbie Adams
08/15/2017 18:27:12

“Very pleased!”
– Scott & Lindsay Cole
08/09/2017 19:46:36

“keep up good work”
– Robert Williams
08/09/2017 13:56:13

“My 4 legged babies receive the very best care at Longview Animal Hospital. I always receive a follow up call the next day checking to make sure they are doing ok after their visit and there are not any problems. I don’t think I could find a more caring staff anywhere else.”
– Kay Connelly
08/08/2017 22:56:01

“We moved here and needed a vet for our babies and after reading reviews we tried you guys out and we are very pleased! From phones calls after surgery and being willing to love our babies the way we do! We have already recommended you to a friend! ”
– Ashley Schwarz
08/08/2017 20:37:12

“Great Staff. …. Great services….. The doc is absoultely cool. No complaints”
– Robin Redding
07/28/2017 20:05:07

“When I had called to get a quote, the person was very friendly and very detailed about how much it would costs. They emailed me right away on the paperwork that needed to be filled out. The day before they confirmed the appointment. The day of the surgery, they greeted us friendly and made you feel very comfortable leaving your animal there. The day of surgery, they called and gave an update on how my kitten was doing. Also, they called in the afternoon to confirm the time for the next day to pick up my kitten . The day of discharge was easy, they had everything ready. They called the next day to see how my kitten was and if there was any problems to call them. It was a good experience and a very humble one since I am new to the area.”
– Susan Smitley
07/28/2017 19:25:20
“You have maximized the appearance and functionality of an older facility. It’s great to have you on the South side. I feel that every member of your staff loves their job and gives the best care possible to my pets.”
Lisa, Bailey and Bullet (August 2016)


“After the first visit with Bodie, I was completely happy with Dr. Foye and all the staff. I always feel so welcome. Bodie is and has from the beginning been comfortable and at ease with everyone. I can really tell that they all have a love for animals. I feel that is a great testimony for Longview Animal Hospital. Bodie is a reserved dog when it comes to people and the fact that he was so comfortable and at ease with everyone says so much about all of you.”
Faye and Bodie (August 2016)


“We love the folks here… And their expertise. ;-)”
Ken and Storm (June 2016)


“I always get the best care from Longview Animal Hospital staff.”
Katherine and Harvey (May 2016)


“Loved the artwork and pillows! Very inviting…always welcoming! Incredible staff! Always a warm welcome. Dr. Foye is so kind and helpful. He takes the extra time to answer all my questions. We are so pleased with Dr. Foye and his staff. We are so grateful for the compassion and concern.”
David and Diesel (March 2016)


“We are very happy that we found this practice after moving to Longview a few months ago! Wonderful staff! We appreciate everyone’s courtesy, professionalism, and genuine concern for our sweet boy, Oscar! :)”
Amy and Oscar (January 2016)


“Everything was very clean and well kept and the whole staff was nice and very professional. I felt the whole team cared for my dog as if she were theirs. Very good service. Everything was perfect.”
Nicole and Molly (January 2016)


“Excellent customer relations. Staff is very courteous and eager to help. Our dog considers Longview Animal Hospital an extension of his home. He loves Dr. Foye. Keep doing what you are doing, it’s working out well.”
Ray and Buddy (August 2015)


“The staff is courteous, cheerful and helpful. I feel confident that Dr. Foye and his assistants are truly caring of my pet.”
Elaine and Bizzie Lizzie (June 2015)


“I was very impressed with the follow up the vet provided. They were all sincerely concerned about my dog, Pickle.”
Laura and Pickle (June 2015)


“I was treated respectfully. The staff was friendly and helpful. They were also encouraging and helpful. When I wasn’t sure about things, they took time to explain the options to me. Everyone was great with my dog. They showed concern for him and handled him in a friendly way that made my dog feel at ease. Honestly, I’m sure my dog feels that he has friends up there and wouldn’t mind going back to see them again. Keep up the good work!!!!!”
Jessica and Zangetsu (June 2015)


“My dog and I feel welcome here. She is actually excited to visit. I feel like this business goes out of their way to meet our needs. Plus everyone remembers my dog from previous visits. This enforces my belief that the care for my pets here is outstanding. I feel heard by everyone who works here. The doctor listens to my concerns and questions. I don’t feel like he brushes off something I’ve noticed about my dog. Many doctors do not listen and do not have an actual conversation. It is refreshing to have a place that cares for the patient and the client. I do not feel rushed through the exam and leave confident in being able to provide the necessary home care for my dog. I live out of town and would rather drive to this vet rather than find a new one in my local area. I love this place!”
Margaret and Callahan (February 2015)


“This was my first time at Longview Animal Hospital. The staff was really friendly, the doctor that was working on my boy was excellent and answered all my questions. Everything went by very fast and smooth. It’s a very loving and caring vet clinic. Overall the clinic is amazing, friendly and I felt like my pet was being loved and cared for very well.”
Aaron & Sylvester (December 2014)


“We appreciate the fact that Dr. Foye takes the time to talk to us and explain what’s going on. He gives us all the options. No one ever tries to rush us out the door and everyone is very friendly and respectful of our needs.”
Joyce & Holly (December 2014)


“I have complete confidence in the care you have given my pets. Kacie is always excited to come to the office and it reflects the care she is given when there with you whether it is for boarding or for check-up she is always excited to see everyone therefore I know when I am not there she is well loved and taken care of.”
Jan & Kacie (October 2014)


“We were on vacation and our little dog got bit by something and his face was swollen. We had no appointment and were able to be seen. We had to take him back because Benadryl didn’t completely work. He was given a shot and that did the trick. Very nice folks with a genuine concern to get him better. Great doctor with a wonderful staff. Add a clean hospital and you couldn’t ask for anything more.”
Patty & Poncho (August 2014)


“You and your staff were great, not pushy, doing exactly what was requested. I have told my children, who live locally, about you.”
Dianna & Jack


“[It’s] so nice to have a south side vet. I have made several calls to your office for information and help; each time she was very patient and helpful. Thank you.”
Betty & Toby


“You guys rock! :)”
Tanya & Chynah


“I wish all businesses were as professional as this one. You have my business forever. Thanks, thanks and thank you.”
Tim & Butchy


“All of you guys were wonderful, caring and loving. D’Bo is doing good. We will be back for a visit. Thanks for everything! Love you all :)”
Latonia & D’Bo


“Teddy is doing very well, frisky and active. Thank you all so very much for saving his life!”
Carmen & Teddy


“Thank you so much for taking care of Gracie Noel, especially on such short notice. She is doing great and looks forward to you meeting our other furbabies; hopefully, not under emergency circumstances.”
Tammy & Gracie Noel

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