Our Weapons in the Fight Against Heartworms

Heartworm Disease is preventable and is far more efficient and cost-effective to prevent than to treat.  In honor of National Heartworm Awareness Month, please find the following heartworm disease prevention resources to help learn about this disease, how it is spread, it’s symptoms and what you can do for your dogs and cats!

Since symptoms don’t always occur right away, it is recommended that pets are tested every year month (through a very simple blood test).  Contact our team at Longview Animal Hospital with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.  We can recommend the proper heartworm disease prevention for both your dogs and your cats and discuss treatment if necessary.

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Heartworm Disease Prevention Resources
(from the American Heartworm Society)

Click here to view General Information

Click Here to view information for Canines

Click Here to view information for Felines

View Symptoms for both Dogs and Cats in the image below.

heartworm disease prevention resources