Canine Senior Wellness Screenings


As our pets become seniors, their metabolism slows down, the aging process settles in and they become more prone to hormone problems, heart issues, kidney disorders, and even cancer! Sound familiar? It should, if you’re over the age of 30, chances are you’ve already had the same tests performed at your last wellness screening!

With veterinary medicine, it is essential to stay proactive rather than reactive. Diagnosing any medical condition early on can help broaden treatment options and improve long-term outcomes. An early diagnosis can be particularly life changing for our senior pets. With age, seniors are more vulnerable than younger animals, and less able to cope with physical and environmental stresses.

Throughout October, we are able to offer you the best way to promote your pet’s health and longevity by offering a significant discount with our wellness special.

Dr. Foye and the Team at Longview Animal Hospital

Canine Senior Wellness Screenings – Save $100 During the Month of October