Five Tips to Keep Your Pup Cool

Five Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool

Wet Towel or Blanket – Wet a towel or blanket in cool water and leave outside for your pet to lie down on as a way to escape from the heat.

Wading Pool – Fill a wading pool with cool water and allow your pup time to swim and cool off when it’s hot. Provide supervision during swim time, play water games and have some summer fun!

Provide Shade – Make sure that there are areas for your pet to get out of direct sunlight. Use a tarp or umbrella or an open sided tent to provide your pet with relief from the sun.

Early or Late Walks – Schedule your walks or outdoor exercise/play time for early in the morning or late in the day to avoid the hottest parts of the day. You and your pet will be much more comfortable!

Ice Cubes – Add a tray of ice cubes to your dog’s water or freeze some chicken broth in a tupperware container and give to your dog outside on a hot day.