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pet surgery


At Longview Animal Hospital, we can perform almost any pet surgery that you may need, either emergency care or for a routine spay or neuter. We also perform some elective procedures such as cat declaws and tail docks.

For the safety of your pet, we use the same gas anesthesia that most human hospitals use on people. While it is slightly more expensive, we still keep our surgery prices very competitive. A trained technician is always closely monitoring your pet while the veterinarian performs the surgery.

We take every surgery very seriously and will NOT take short cuts. We go above and beyond to make sure the procedure is sterile and EVERY pet is given appropriate pain medicines and antibiotics. Every step is taken to make the procedure as safe as possible for your furry family member. We highly recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork (especially on older animals) to further enhance the safety of the procedure.

We know having even a routine procedure done on your pet is stressful, so once he/she is awake, we call with an update to ease your mind and let you know everything went great. Most routine surgeries go home the same day and return in 10-12 days for a free suture removal. If you have any questions about a particular procedure, feel free to call or come by for a pre-surgical consult. We welcomee patients from Henderson, Kilgore, Hallsville, Tatum and Lakeport in the Lake Cherokee area.

Surgeries that we commonly perform are:

Spay, Neuter, Tumor/growth removal, Cystotomy, Bone fractures, Knee repairs, Eye removal, Cesarean section, Declaws, Foreign bodies, Hernia repair, and many more…