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The immune system helps fight off diseases and infections. If your immune system is continually working, it will start to become weak and you need to give it a little help to make it strong again. The same is true for your pet’s immune system. 

Your Pet's Immunity

There are different approaches that you can take to strengthen your pet’s immunity. One approach is to use natural methods. Another method is to take supplements. Some supplements come from natural herbs and oils while other supplements come from synthetic ingredients. You can use a combination of these methods to help strengthen your pet’s immune system.

The Natural Approach 

A natural approach uses non-chemical methods to achieve an end result. Other approaches may include the use of things like herbs, oils or other supplements to improve the immune system, but those should be used only with consultation from your veterinarian professional.


The first natural approach is to ensure that your pet has plenty of exercise. Keeping your pet active will reduce the amount of fat stored in your pet’s body. Excess fat can cause inflammation which in turn reduces the immune system. When your pet burns additional fat through exercise, there is a correlating reduction of inflammation.

The recommendation for your pet is daily exercise. Using play as your pet’s daily exercise routine can keep your pet’s interest and will make it feel less like a chore. Changing the types of exercises and games that you play together can keep both you and your pet interested.

Dietary Choices/Probiotics

While humans can choose what they eat each day, your pet relies on you completely for its food. The decisions you make about your pet’s food can affect your pet’s health. Try choosing foods with minimal preservatives and a high amount of antioxidants. Our hospital can help you choose a great food if desired.

If you want to naturally strengthen your dog’s immune system through its diet, you need to feed your pet a meat-based diet. Wet foods help digestion and reduce the amount of inflammation. When the inflammation is low, the immune system is working properly. You can check with our offices to find a solution for a good mix of foods to assure proper nutrition and minimize intestinal inflammation.

Addition of Probiotics

Adding probiotics is another way to support immune system health. Longview Animal Hospital has several options to choose from and can help you decide what to give your pet for maximum benefit. The purpose of the probiotic for your pet is the building up of the walls in the intestine which helps to fend off bacteria and other diseases. Probiotics also keeps good bacteria in the digestive system, healthy which keeps bad bacteria in check.

You should always check with us when adding supplements to your pet’s diet as you need to make sure to give the correct amount. Adding too much of a supplement to your pet’s diet can cause problems, while adding too little might not provide a benefit.

Pet Hygiene

One easy way for you to reduce the causes for a weak immune system is to monitor your environment and maintain some healthy practices. The risks for infection decrease when you consistently clean your pet’s toys. The germs from toys and other ‘chew’ items can be transmitted through your pet’s body triggering the immune system to go to work. When you keep your pet’s toys and environment clean the immune system does not have to work as hard.

Not only should you keep the toys clean but also consider washing your pet. (Some pets need bathing more than others, so this is an individual choice.) Set a regular bath or grooming schedule for your pet. Keeping your pet clean gets rid of all the allergens and dirt and helps to keep germs to a minimum. Reducing the things that can cause the immune system to work harder will help keep your pet healthier.

These are just a few easy ways you can help to improve your pet’s immune system. As always, you can Contact our Team at Longview Animal Hospital for any guidance and questions.