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In this day and age we take steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones through health insurance and life insurance when unexpected events happen. It is likely that you are familiar with the benefits of having insurance. However, have you ever considered getting insurance for your pet? Here is some general information about pet insurance and how it can help the furry members of your family.

Pet Insurance

What is Pet Insurance?

Similar to human health insurance, pet insurance helps you pay veterinary bills if your pet becomes injured or needs surgery. In some cases, the insurance company has a reimbursement plan for recurrent treatment such as vaccinations, heartworm tests and other wellness procedures.

What Pets are Covered Through Pet Insurance?

Because dogs and cats are the most common pets owned by families and individuals, the majority of pet insurance plans only cover cats and dogs. Nationwide is a company that covers other animals – you can learn more at their website here.

Why Should You Get Pet Insurance?

When you bring home your pet from the pet store, a breeder or an animal shelter, they quickly steal your heart and become a member of your family. One of the main reasons why you should get pet insurance is that it can reimburse or pay for veterinary bills when accidents or injuries occur. Having pet insurance or another backup credit program protects pet owners from having to delay care due to the costs of veterinary expenses.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Depending on which plan you use, your insurance company can cover most of your pet’s veterinary bills. There are basic plans that cover things like deworming, microchipping, heartworm and parasite prevention, wellness exams and vaccinations. There are also more comprehensive plans that cover more extensive needs, chronic conditions, etc. – things such as poisonings, sprains, ear infections, diarrhea, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, blood tests, ultrasounds, hereditary conditions, surgeries, chemotherapy, vaccinations, spay/neuter and so much more.

What Fees are Associated with Pet Insurance?

Like normal health insurance plans, pet plans have fees like premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. The amount of these fees depends on which company you decide to go with for pet insurance and each of their specific plans. For example, some insurance companies require you to pay deductibles per incident whereas others have you pay deductibles annually.

When Should You Not Use Pet Insurance?

Before you choose which pet health insurance plan you want to go with, you need to know when you should not use your pet’s health insurance. Most health plans do not cover holistic treatments such as acupuncture or pre-existing conditions. They also do not cover behavior training classes and schools. Most plans do not cover continuing care like grooming and dental cleanings. In some cases, you can get a pet insurance plan that does cover holistic treatments and dental cleanings, but that will typically only be provided at an additional cost.

What Factors Affect the Price of Insurance Plans?

The main aspects about your pet that affect the price of your plans is the species, age and breed of your pet. Dogs usually cost more to insure than cats and other animals. It is also important to consider that purebred dogs will cost more to insure because they are notorious for having more health issues. Other factors insurance companies consider is your location, the type of coverage you selected and the reimbursement level.

Here at Longview Animal Hospital, we do everything we can to make it easier on you to pay for the care your pet deserves. If you are not currently in a position to pay for pet insurance, we have alternatives to recommend for you. We offer a care card through CareCredit. CareCredit offers a variety of different financing options for your pet care needs. You can view details at their website and apply online. After you apply, you find out instantly if you are approved and you can access the funds the very same day. Another option we recommend is Scratchpay. Scratchpay offers affordable payment plans for veterinary bills. We understand that pets are members of your family too, so take the time to give your pet protection throughout its life. If you have any further questions about pet insurance or some of the financing options mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is happy to assist you!