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Excellent Care To The Max!


On March 21st, Mrs. Willis brought the cutest 2 year old Yorki Poo named Max to us saying that he just wasn’t acting right for a few days. We performed bloodwork on Max and determined that he was severely anemic, meaning his red blood cells were lower than normal.

We hospitalized him so that we could recheck his red blood cells in a few hours. When we checked him again, his red blood cells were even lower. So low, in fact, Max would die soon without a blood transfusion! A test we ran confirmed that Max had Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA), a disease in which Max’s immune system starts to destroy his own red blood cells.

Billy-Blood DonorWe knew we had to act fast, so luckily we keep a blood donor dog at our hospital, a loveable black lab named Billy who we rescued after he was hit by a car a few years ago. Dr. Foye and his lead tech Hailey immediately anesthetized and prepped our hero Billy to pull over 300 mls of blood from him.

Once the blood was gathered, the medical team hooked it up to Max and slowly began infusing him with the life-saving blood. We could tell that Max felt better and stronger almost immediately.

His blood count rose slowly and then leveled off. We were concerned when it soon dropped again. Max was not responding to the medicine we were giving to suppress his immune system to keep it from destroying the red blood cells. We needed to add another hard-to-find medicine to his treatment and called a local pharmacy to compound some for us ASAP.

Once we got that medicine started, Max’s blood levels started to rise again. After a few more days in the hospital providing medicines, supportive care and rechecks, Max was sent home. He’s been in twice since that time and we are so happy to report that Max is back to being his crazy, lively self!


Hailey Overseeing Max's Transfusion