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Nutrition is the foundation of health and happiness, both for humans and our companions.  This is because food is not only where we get energy for daily activities, but it is also a major source for the composition of our bodies, which directly dictates how well we can perform those activities.  If we feed ourselves poorly, we can expect eventual physical and mental consequences.  Eating the wrong foods may not provide the energy we seek from them and can negatively influence our moods, and it can also cause bodily complications later on from excessive or insufficient nutrients.  If we feed our pets similarly, we a can expect the same complications in them.  For example, in the case of protein, too much can hurt a pet’s kidneys and too little can stunt its growth, but just enough fortifies a pet’s lean muscle and encourages growth.  Hill’s Pet Nutrition products recognize this, and their foods are developed with the correct balance of nutrients that are the best at keeping pets healthy at different life stages, sizes, and specific conditions.  

At times, weight can be an indicator of a pet’s poor or fair nutrition, and Hill’s Canine/Feline Metabolic Weight Management diet meals are aimed at restoring health through weight reduction and maintenance.  The daily feeding guide is based on the ideal weight for the pet, but the perfect nutritional balance works at the rate of each pet’s metabolism.  After about 2 months on the diet, 88% of pets lose weight.  After these first two months, it is recommended to keep one’s pet on the diet, as it works to maintain or return to an ideal weight.  The diet achieves this because it helps the pet feel full between meals and because it also includes strong antioxidants that prevent the deterioration of stored nutrients.  

If you just can’t resist doting on your dog with some treats, Hill’s also produces Canine Metabolic and Mobility treats.  They are designed not only for weight management but also for the purpose of preserving and promoting a dog’s ability to run, walk, and jump by preventing osteoarthritis, a disease in which joints deteriorate.  Like the Canine/Feline Metabolic meals, the treats use fibers from fruits and vegetables, work with each dog’s individual metabolism, and impose a sense of fullness between meals.  The allowed number of treats per day is also determined by the particular dog’s ideal weight.  Unlike the meals, the treats exclude the antioxidants but include high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.  Effects in mobility are expected in 3 weeks, and effects in weight are expected in 2 months.  

The nutritional demands of humans and their pets are not the same, but the process of intake and outcome is. By caring for our pets a healthy diet, we are giving them the opportunities for long, healthy, and happy lives, which is something they provide for us simply by being our companions.

We carry several of the Hills Diet products for both canines and felines.  Please stop in for our recommendations for your pet!