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halloween pet safetyHalloween can be a fun time of year – creative costumes, spooky decorations and, of course, candy!  Considering all the unusual activity during Halloween, maintaining a quiet and safe space in your home for your pets is an important part of pet safety.  Keep the following tips in mind to make the holiday safe for your pets and have a Happy Halloween!


Keep pets away from the candy bowls: All forms of chocolate can be dangerous for dogs and cats and candies that contain artificial sweeteners like xylitol can be harmful as well.  


Be aware of your decorations: Keep hazards like candles and lit decorations in areas where pets can’t tip them and make sure electrical cords are out of the way and protected from being chewed on.  Keep glow lights and glow sticks away from pets – while not necessarily toxic, they can interfere with salivation and digestion.  Pets should also be kept away from decorations that could pose harmful from entanglement or choking.


Keep your pets indoors on Halloween (and for a few days before and after): Protect your pets from pranks and mistreatment and assure the safety of your trick-or-treaters.  Black cats can particularly become a target during the Halloween holiday.  


Keep your pets in a safe, confined, secure area:  Since your door will be constantly opening and closing as you greet trick-or-treaters and deliver your treats, keeping your pets in a confined part of your home will assure they don’t get out by accident and will keep them a bit calmer with all of the activity of costumed strangers coming to your door.  If your pet should get out during Halloween, pet identification tags or a microchip can make them easier to locate or for someone else to locate the owner of a found pet.


Try out pet costumes in advance: Not all pets enjoy a costume – they may find it restrictive or confining, or they might just find it uncomfortable.  If a costume is not right for your pet, consider a simple decorative kerchief or collar, or let him/her go in their birthday suit.


Leave your pets at home when you go trick-or-treating:  The Halloween activity and costumes can be scary for your pet and could cause them to behave differently.  Best to err on the side of caution and keep your pet at home.   

Our staff at Longview Animal Hospital wishes you and your families a Happy and Safe Halloween!