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Thinking about something fun for your pet for the holidays?  Consider a home-made gift for them this year, perhaps re-purposing some of your household items!  Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

For Cats:

  • Use some cloth scraps or pieces of felt to make a shaped toy and stuff it with catnip.  cloth or felt toy with catnip.
  • Be creative with some cardboard boxes to create an area for your cat to play and rest.
  • Find a fleece blanket, and sew it up with some filling. Add mesh loops to the corners and use caribiner clips or velcro to fasten under a small table or to a wire pet crate for a perfect hammock for your cat.
  • Build a scratching station for your pet by taping together two straight toilet bowl brushes (new) and affix them in a horseshoe shape over a cloth covered piece of wood.


For Dogs:

  • Cut up some of your old t-shirts into strips and use macrame knots to create a braided tug toy for your dog.
  • Use an old soft colorful t-shirt to wrap up a tennis ball or other squeaky ball.   Lay the shirt flat and cut just below the sleeves to make one large tube of cloth.  Cut off a small 2 inch strip from one end (to use to tie off the ball once it is placed), and cut the remainder into two equal sections.  Criss cross the sections into an x shape and place the ball in the center.  Wrap the ball and tie off and knot.  Cut the remaining hanging cloth into strips.  Braid in sections (for multiple ‘legs’), knot and tie off!
  • Use peanut butter and yogurt in a silicon mold and freeze for a great treat for your pet.

Let us know if you try any!  We’d love to post your pictures.