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Fun Ways to Show Your Pet How Much You Care

When it comes to our pets, they are a part of the family and it’s important to show them that. They provide us with irreplaceable and unconditional love. They never judge us or put us down and have the power to change our lives for the better. Pets crave attention and love too and there are different things that we can do to show them how much we really care.

Fun ways to show your pet how much you care

– Offer puzzles

It’s not healthy for us to just shower our pets with love through food. This can lead to making them overweight with too many calories. There are better ways to treat them and also keep their brains sharp in the process. Try a puzzle treat dispenser. This will keep your pet busy and also offer them a reward at the end.

– Keep their coat combed

Make sure to regularly comb your pet, especially during shedding season. Not only will this keep your home and clothes cleaner, it will also offer many other benefits. Your pet will be more comfortable, give you more time to bond and reduce your own stress levels. The act of combing or brushing is great for both you and your pet. The same can be said about petting your dog regularly. Some dogs love to snuggle, so make sure to make some time for this every day to show them how much you care.

– Help them get exercise

Pets can easily get bored and it’s very important to help them release energy through play and exercise. If you have a dog, add in some extra time during your regular walk or take a new route for them to enjoy a different environment. Play fetch and get them running around. For cats, you could take out a laser pointer or a flashlight for some fun time getting them to chase the light. This could work with dogs too.

– Get them a special present

Depending on the pet, this special present could vary. For a dog it may be a new toy, treats or a day at the park with you. For cats, it may be a cat tree or an indoor water fountain. Whatever your pet is into, make sure to treat them with it every once in a while.

– Talk to them

Many people have a tendency to do this anyway, but with our busy lives, it is important that you interact with your pet. Simply talking to them shows that you want to interact and that you’re engaged. Even if they don’t know what you’re saying, they do understand that you’re paying attention to them. It could even be therapeutic for you to voice things that have been swirling around in your head all day.

– Teach them something new

While we focus on teaching things when our pets are babies, they are still capable of learning as they get older. Make sure to reinforce old tricks as well. Your pet will love the extra attention you’re giving them and it also helps keep their mind sharper. It may take some work, but they can learn something new.

– Upgrade their bed

Pet beds tend to wear out, so make sure to monitor the condition and replace them when necessary. There are many choices out there and even specialty beds that can help with different pet ailments as well. You can even get your pet a memory foam bed to offer more orthopedic support. With the holiday season coming up, many stores will have deals as well, so keep an eye out during this time of year!

– Make time for them

The biggest thing that we can do to show our pets how much they mean to us is by simply making time for them. It can be difficult with how busy our lives get, but remember, pets need attention too. They want to feel loved and cared for. It’s so easy to put off things, so if you find yourself doing that too often with your pet, schedule some time. Put it on your calendar to spend some time with your pet. This will act as a great reminder and help you remember to take a breath as well.

– Keep regular vet appointments

It’s important for your pet to be healthy. Make sure you’re taking them for their regular vet appointments and keeping on top of any health problems.

Do something special to remind  your pets how much you love them. Not only will they feel better, but so will you! Contact our team at Longview Animal Hospital about any pet care concerns!