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pet dentistry

Longview Animal Hospital offers comprehensive pet dentistry services.  The most common disease in dogs and cats is dental disease. While it may seem trivial or funny, your pet’s bad breath may be its biggest pet health concern. Dental disease can progress to a point where your pet may have pain, may stop eating, may lose teeth and believe it or not, it can even lead to heart disease, kidney disease and liver disease.

We grade dental disease on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the worst. At grade 3, some of the changes due to disease are irreversible, so the optimum time to perform a pet teeth cleaning is at grade 1 or 2. If done at grade 3 or 4, some severely diseased teeth may need to be removed.

Unfortunately, cleaning your pet’s teeth cannot be done while they are awake. Since they need to be anesthetized, all of the same precautions that are taken prior to surgery are taken with dental cleanings. And as with surgery, your animal has a tube placed in its trachea and only the safest gas anesthetic drugs are used.

An ultrasonic scaler is used to remove tartar that is mineralized and calcified on the teeth. We also clean under the gum line to remove as much bacteria as possible. We also use a dental probe to check for pockets that need to be addressed with antibiotics.

After the tartar is removed, the teeth are polished with a paste by a high speed polisher. To further protect the teeth, a fluoride treatment is also applied. The teeth are then rinsed and checked once more for any defects or disease that may need special attention.

Dental cleanings are one of the most rewarding pet health procedures we perform because the before and after results can be so dramatic. Teeth that were severely diseased are now sparkling clean and the health benefits are even more impressive!

If you have any questions or concerns about performing a pet teeth cleaning on your pet(s), call or come by for a dental consult today! Our pet teeth cleaning patients come to us from Tatum, Lakeport, Henderson, Kilgore and Hallsville in the Lake Cherokee area.