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Dr. Melissa O’Reilly Joins the Team

Dr. Melissa O'Reilly (Longview Animal Hospital New Veterinarian) and Dr. Brian FoyeLongview Animal Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of a new Veterinarian, Dr. Melissa O’Reilly, to their team, beginning on December 4, 2017.  Dr. O’Reilly graduated in May of 2015 from Louisiana State University with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and she comes to Texas from Virginia with her husband, Patrick, a mechanic.

The practice has experienced steady growth each year since Dr. Brian Foye took over in 2011 and according to Dr. Foye, “We’ve been stretching ourselves in different ways to care for all our clients’ fur babies.  It will be so helpful having a second veterinarian to meet our growing needs.”  In addition to enhanced appointment opportunities during normal operating hours, the addition of a second Veterinarian will enable the practice to extend their Thursday hours for full day operations and to open on two Saturday mornings each month, beginning in January.

“Many of our clients find it hard to schedule appointments during the work week and we’ve had requests for Saturday hours.  We’re thrilled to have Dr. O’Reilly join us and we know our clients are going to love her”, said  Jill Foye, Practice Manager for Longview Animal Hospital.

Dr. O’Reilly is looking forward to being part of the family at Longview Animal Hospital and to settling into the area with her husband and her animals. Their household currently includes horses, chickens and goats!  “I’m so excited to get back to the South to be near family and friends.  I believe I’ve found an excellent team to join and look forward to working with Dr. Foye and others at this well-established historic practice!”

The expanded hours on Thursdays will begin on Dec. 21 and Saturday walk-in appointments will start in January (2 Saturdays per month) from 8am to noon.

Longview Animal Hospital is one of the oldest continuously operating vet clinics in the area.  The practice, originally named Longview Veterinary Hospital, was established in 1949 by Dr. Alec Sears.  It has changed owners several times over its long history: Dr. Jack Clayton (Owner from about 1950-1954); Dr. Bob Terrell (Owner from 1954-1994); Dr. Christina Odum (Owner from 1994-2011).

In 2011, the practice was taken over by Dr. Brian Foye.  Located at 2500 Estes Parkway, just south of the location where Estes divides and turns into High Street and Mobberly Avenue, the clinic offers updated state-of-the-art medical equipment and a full spectrum of Veterinary Services including diagnostics, surgeries, dental cleanings and extractions, vaccines and boarding.  Learn more about Longview Animal Hospital at their website at or call 903-807-0887.

We have great news to share with you!  On December 4, Dr. Melissa O’Reilly, will be joining our veterinary team at Longview Animal Hospital.  We are thrilled to be working with Dr. O’Reilly and can’t wait for all our clients to meet her.  We’ll be sharing a bit more information in the next few weeks, but for now, please meet our newest Veterinarian on the Longview Animal Hospital team by watching the short introduction below.

Meet Dr. Melissa O’Reilly

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img_4889Troop 7286 of Hallsville, led by Teresa Coats, donated a DataMars microchip scanner to Animal Control Officer Tom Campitiello of the Hallsville Police Department.  He is pictured above with the Girl Scout Troop and Dr. Brian Foye of Longview Animal Hospital.

The girls were undergoing training in preparation of their Microchip Event being hosted at Hallsville City Park on Saturday, November 5 from 2-4pm.  Longview Animal Hospital is sponsoring this event.  The Girl Scouts will be offering belly rubs, paw nail painting, dog walks and microchipping. The cost for microchipping pets will be $25.  This will be a great event for the community and we hope to see you there!

Updated November 29

It was a beautiful day and several members from the community came by to enjoy the event.  Thank you Girl Scout Troop 7286 for planning this fun event!


It’s that time of year again!  (Entry deadline updated.)dog-1547114_1280

Stop by at Longview Animal Hospital to have a photo taken of your costumed pet (and receive a free halloween treat bag for your pet), or send your information and photo to us by email.


Entries are accepted by email starting today (10/1) through FRIDAY, October 28, 5:00 pm.
Note: Contest winners will be limited to those who reside with their pets within our business operating region.

Entries will be placed in our dedicated 2016 Pet Halloween Costume Contest Album that evening on our Facebook Page.

Voting will take place on our Facebook Page ALBUM from 10/28 (evening) through noon on 10/31 (1 like = 1 vote).

Winners (top 3 of those with the most likes) will be announced on our Facebook Page at 5pm CST

1st Prize: $50 gift card for use at Longview Animal Hospital and a Pawsitively Awesome Pet Gift Basket!

2nd Prize: $30 gift card for use at Longview Animal Hospital and a large bag of Hills Science Diet  pet food.

3rd Prize: $20 gift card for use at Longview Animal Hospital.


Please submit your entry by email to
Please include:

Pet’s Name
Owner’s Name
Costume Description
Pet’s Age
Pet’s Breed
Any Additional Information
Town where you live
Don’t forget to attach your photo!

Thank you!  We look forward to seeing your pictures – good luck to all!

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July 4th Celebrations can be Scary for Pets

sparklers-923029_640Everyone loves a good Independence Day party complete with cookouts and guests and a night full of fireworks.  The 4th of July is our annual kickoff for the summer season – long days, warm nights and lots to do.  As much as we love to celebrate July 4th, our Independence Day celebrations can often be scary for our pets.  According to the Humane Society, animal shelters throughout the US report a dramatic increase in the number of lost pets during the 4th of July weekend.

Help to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during the weekend by following these simple tips for safety:

•  Whatever your plans, keep your pets indoors and make sure you leash your pet when going for walks throughout the weekend.  Find a quiet, comfortable room for your pet to stay in throughout the festivities and provide water throughout the day.  If you are hosting your own party, this will prevent your pets from becoming anxious or overexcited from having a lot of people around.  It also assures that they can’t get into human food that might accidentally get dropped on the ground.  If you are attending a barbecue somewhere else, keeping your pets contained indoors will prevent them from roaming to a neighbor’s celebration where the good smells of grilling foods can lure them away from home.

•  Excessive heat can also be a cause for concern for pet’s on the 4th of July.  Be aware of the temperature and watch your pet for signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.  More information about heat and your pets can be found here.

•  Keeping your pet safely away from fireworks is necessary to prevent accidental burns or ingestion, but also helps to prevent them from running off due to the loud noises, bright flashes and strong smells of explosives.  Turning on a TV or a radio in the room with your pet can help keep them distracted from the jarring noises of nearby fireworks.  If you are traveling to watch a community fireworks display, leave your pet safely at home.

•  If your pet is severely impacted by the noise, we can help you find a medication that can be used to help reduce your pet’s anxiety (never provide over the counter medication without guidance from your vet).   If you are with your pet during these times of fear, resist the urge to comfort or distract your pet with food or treats as this can be interpreted as a reward for their nervous behavior.

•  As a general safeguard, make sure that your pets  are wearing collars and that they have appropriate identification tags so if that should they run off, they can be easily identified and returned to you. If you are considering using a microchip for your pet, please let us know – we can help you with up-to-date information and procedures.

Our team at Longview Animal Hospital wishes you and your families a Happy and Safe 4th of July!  


For more summer safety tips, click the poster image below from Petfinder!



Pets Get Allergies Too!

Spring is a wonderful time of year and warmer weather means more time outdoors for both our furry friends and their owners, but it is also a time of year when we suffer from allergies.  While humans react to allergens with itchy watering eyes and sneezing, our pets suffer from them a bit differently.  Allergies develop with age, and symptoms in pets generally worsen as they get older.

The most common form of allergy in dogs and cats is called atopy.  Atopy can be caused by a number of things i.e.: ragweed pollen in the fall; dust mites in the winter and grass and tree pollen in the spring.  Licking and chewing the feet is a classic sign of allergy to pollen.  They may also scratch excessively.  This behavior can cause welts, sores (which may become infected) and loss of hair.  Ear infections may also be a result of allergies in dogs.  In addition to licking, chewing and scratching, your dog or cat might rub their face, or you may notice hot spots on their skin, small areas of scabs or even respiratory problems (sometimes wheezing in cats).  

Dog_licking_wound - (Image: CC0)

Dogs and cats can also develop allergies to other things in their environment – such as carpets, cleaners and plastics as well as to foods. Flea allergies result from toxins in the flea saliva.  (See more on fleas and ticks here.)

Some allergy symptoms can be treated at home, typically with foot soaks and grain-free baths to wash away allergens that are on the coat and skin.  Vacuuming floors and bedding on a regular basis and washing floors with non-toxic cleaning agents can help as well. In our warmer climate, consider changing out your air conditioner filters each month.  Moving your pet onto an anti-inflammatory diet, low in grain content can also help.  

There are also supplements and medications that can help suppress or alleviate the effects of allergies.  Contact our team at Longview Animal Hospital for recommendations on the best approach for your pet!

How to keep fleas and ticks off your pet and out of your home.

As the weather continues to warm in the spring months, fleas and ticks become more prevalent outdoors.  Although we think of these as mostly a nuisance for our pets, causing itching and scratching, they actually have the potential for some serious health risks.

For example, ticks are carriers of some serious illnesses like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  Although Lyme started out in the Northeast US, it has been moving into more southern territories and is now considered endemic to (regularly found in) Texas. Toxins from ticks can also cause paralysis in a pet’s legs and muscles.  This usually dissipates once the tick is removed.  Health risks for your pet from fleas include allergic reactions which can be extreme, anemia and low iron levels especially if your pet is small and has many fleas, and exposure to tapeworm infections.

While fleas will jump onto your pet from shady areas like shrubs and trees, ticks will generally crawl or brush onto them while walking in grassy areas.  As a general preventative measure, you can maintain your pet’s areas by keeping grassed areas short and pruning and trimming shrubs, raking out debris from shady spots.

Continued vigilance and ongoing maintenance is needed to keep a flea and tick free environment.  Check your pet for ticks on a regular basis when you return from walks, and check with our team at Longview Animal Hospital for recommendations on the most appropriate preventative treatments for your pets.  Fleas tend to become resistant to treatments after a while, so it is good to change products periodically.   An integrated approach to prevention can include grooming and baths, medications and sanitation for your home (a combination of vacuuming, laundry and cleaning).


If you are looking for guidance on prevention or treatment options for an existing infestation, please give us a call at (903) 758-2082 or email us at  We are happy to help you and your pet.


paw-print-220232_1280In 2013, according to the National Retail Federation, $815 million was spent on Valentine’s gifts for pets.  Amazing, right?  Crazy gifts like hats with hearts and fru-fru ribbon collars, dog cakes, pendants, and fur coats make up the list of things people purchase for their pets.  On the heels of Valentine’s Day comes Love Your Pet Day on Feb. 20.  You may want to wait on purchasing for the 14th and pick up some items on sale for the 20th instead!

Below are seven ideas for gifts for your favorite furry friend – some are a bit more on the practical side, others just look like fun!   

Don’t forget, your pet will always love extra time with you too!  Plan for a special outing or walk or just spend some time playing or cuddling.  Don’t forget the treats to make it more fun!  

Stop by at Longview Animal Hospital to have a photo taken or upload one using the form below.  Entries will be compiled through Thursday, 10/29 and then will be posted to an album our Facebook Page for voting beginning Friday, October 30, 2015 at 9am CST until Saturday, October 31, 2015 at 6:00pm CST.

howl-o-ween poster



Please submit your entry using the form below OR email your entry to    Please include: Owner’s Name, Pet’s Name, Email address, City/Town and attach your photo entry.  Thank you!  We look forward to your photos.

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