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An Overview of Pet Insurance

Studies have shown that people invest a lot in their pets, but not in pet insurance: Americans spent $50 billion on pets in 2011 and $15 billion on veterinary bills in 2014, but less than 5% of dogs and 1% of cats are insured.  These staggering numbers may indicate unawareness, misunderstanding or incomplete understanding, or […]

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet

You know you want to get a pet.  You may even know what kind of pet you want.  But, you’re not sure what it takes to provide for one, and you’re afraid things could end badly, so you’re stuck between your yearning and your fear, looking for some guidance.   Being  aware of some of the […]

Pet Appreciation Week 2017

Ten Fun Ways to Show Your Pet You Care Happy Pet Appreciation Week!  To honor this event, we encourage you to take some time to contemplate the comfort, joy, fun, and companionship your furry family members bring to your life.  Express your feelings of thankfulness or gratitude for any and all pets – your own […]

Protect Your Pet from Parvo

It’s that time of year. Spring showers bring April flowers but unfortunately it also brings the Parvo virus to the surface. We have seen an explosion in cases these last two weeks. We have some tips to help you keep your pet protected and signs to watch for if you think they may have been […]

DIY Toenail Trimming with Dogs

One of the most difficult things to do in the upkeep of your pet’s health is trimming their toenails. Big dogs seem especially harder to keep controlled during this process.  Even if you start out doing this easily when they are puppies, they are still reluctant to hand over that paw to your care on […]

Longview Animal Hospital Receives Award from Texas Veterinary Medical Association

Longview Animal Hospital is pleased to announce that they have received the Texas Veterinary Heritage Practice Award at the 2017 Annual Conference and Expo of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) which took place in College Station in early March.  The award recognizes practices of veterinary medicine in Texas that have been in continuous operation for […]