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Cats and humans have very distinct personality types. Some personalities get along better with others. So when you are looking for a cat, you will want to make sure its personality is compatible with your own and other cats you may have in your house. If the personalities do not match, you may put unwanted stress on the animals in your home causing unwanted behaviors like not using a litter box, scratching furniture, biting, hissing or even becoming less social.

Agreeable Personalities

An agreeable personality is one that goes with the flow and gets along with everyone. This type likes to be around others and is very friendly. This personality is the social butterfly and is always communicating. 

A cat with an agreeable personality will want to be around people and seek attention and affection. The cat with the agreeable personality is willing to give affection as well. In fact an agreeable cat will tend to give more affection than most. It will want to play and interact with its owner.

An agreeable cat is great for those that are also outgoing and love companionship. This type of cat is also good for those that tend to be quiet and shy because it may help to break them out of their shell. The agreeable cat is best for a home with multiple cats because they will adapt to the situation and get along with the others.

Dominant Personalities

A dominant personality is one that takes charge. They like being the boss. This personality is demanding and controlling. Everything is about them. These personalities require a lot of attention because when they want something, they expect it right away.

A cat with a dominant personality will need to be in a single cat home. You will need to make sure to pay attention to the cat when it wants something so it will not become spiteful. If the cat does not get what it wants, it can start to cause damage to furniture or exhibit other negative behaviors.

A dominant cat and a dominant human will not work because both of them want control. Stress and tension will develop because both will fight to be the ‘king of the castle’. 

Extroverted Personalities

The extroverted personality is outgoing and likes a challenge. You need to keep them busy because they get bored easily. They are full of energy and need to keep going to work it off. When they become bored, they may get destructive. Providing them with toys and other stimulation helps to keep them out of trouble.

You can pair a cat with an extroverted personality with an agreeable type. This pairing will give the extrovert a playmate to keep it busy and the agreeable one will go with the flow. 

Impulsive Personalities

An impulsive personality is one that is unpredictable. They will not react the same way twice to the same situation. The cat with the impulsive personality is having a hard time dealing with environmental stress. The environmental stress can be caused by a number of different factors – things like loud noises, yelling or not keeping to a schedule. 

If you have an impulsive cat, you will not want to bring home another cat. Changing your cat’s environment could cause your cat to act out. An impulsive cat requires consistency in its schedule. The schedule allows the cat to know and understand what to expect.

Neurotic Personalities

The personality of a neurotic cat is more of a loner. It is timid and shy and will likely avoid people and other animals. A neurotic cat will not show affection because of its cautious nature. If you are not looking for the cuddly cat and can handle one that is more independent, you may want to consider one with a neurotic personality.

A neurotic cat will require some special attention to the surroundings in your home. For example, you will want to provide extra hiding spaces for them. The extra hiding spaces will allow them to go to a safe place where no one can find them. 

If you are shy or timid, a cat with the same type of personality will not cause you to have to change your living style. The cat will hide and most likely only come out when you are not around. As the cat becomes more comfortable with its new surroundings, the cat will start to come around more. Do not worry, it will take some time.

A neurotic cat will do best when it is the only cat in the house. If you have multiple cats, getting a cat that is timid and shy will not work well because they will not assert themselves to get food or water.

Which Cat Personality Lives in Your Home?

All cats can display combinations of the above personalities at some time or another, depending on the situation, but usually there is one type that is clearly more apparent or dominant than any others. A cat that is not a good fit in your household will be clear in a fairly short amount of time. Knowing what kind of personality your cat has will help you to understand better and make necessary accommodations within your home, with your family and with other pets in your household.

If you have questions about your cat’s behavior, and ways to eliminate stress for your pet, contact our team at Longview Animal Hospital. We are happy to help.