There’s nothing old about the longest running veterinary clinic in Longview! Our state-of-the-art equipment is a perfect fit for our newly remodeled building. Our compassionate, experienced team gets complimented quite often as the most friendly in town, evidenced by the fact that we were voted as one of the top two veterinary clinics in East Texas! Our clients love us for always taking the time to address all of their needs and questions without being in a hurry or breaking the bank. So whether your furry friend isn’t feeling well, needs a check-up and vaccines, or just a place to stay for a few days while you’re out of town, come see us. We’ll make sure you and your pet leave happy!

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Essential Resources for Training your New Dog

You are bringing home a new dog soon.  You have done research on its breed, age, and history, so you have an idea of what behaviors you can expect from it.  You have all of the gear--leash, crate, collar, and food. Now, you are in a bit of a panic, as you are thinking of some of the ways in which your life will be different from here-on-out.  One way is that your daily routine will change. In the first couple of weeks, you will not have the relationship with your new companion that includes the mutual understanding and teamwork to ensure safety, order, and..

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Pet Education

People Food Is For People!

We'd love to see your pet, but NOT because you fed it from the table! All you'll do is upset your pet's tummy in the short term or make it overweight in the long term!